Friday, July 4, 2008

D-Link Ant24-1200 Sector Panel Antenna

In the test witch netstumbler - i get too low results - may be something is wrong, maybe material of pcb board is not the same
My TEST for dwl 12dbi thing something is wrong whit my ones :
this is room test - distance ~2mlinksys wap11 whit original antenna - APzydas zd1211 usb whit rpsma connector soldered and 5 cm coax soldered to antennas.various antennas tested to be able to compare result.
Second test - tv tower ~1.5 to 1.8km
Same antennas - near same ressults rubber duckie 2dbi , smc 11 clone , trend omni - original , interline 14 dbi clone and dwl 12dbi

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