Wednesday, June 18, 2008

304km WIFI Link with 1.2m Dishes and pictures of the feeders.

This one is old news but I found this now. Link : sticked in mikrotik wireless forums and 304km is very good result. Congratulations!
While I aiming stable links of about 1 to 3 km this looks impossible to reach for me.
Interesting is - home made antennas - they used 1.2 meter dishes and homemade feeders for reflectors.
Here is hardware used : “a pair of Ubiquiti XR5, and a pair of handmade antenna (120cm satellite dish for the surface, and a bronze ball-bearing extracted from a bus).” After connection cards power is lowered to 10mW !
The link is possible due some of the features of the Mikrotik software

As constructor of the antennas is mentioned Paolo IK0PCJ - You can find a link to his site in my previous post.
Look like that the smaller feeder is used. There are NO dimensions on the forum so I do not put links to it.
This look simple enough so if You know the frequency - You will be able to calculate and build one of these.

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