Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Multipolarized wifi Antenna

All my links for antennas whit multi polarization
List of all products of wifi-plus :
Lets begin whit this page here :,13636968

You can find comparison of 5dbi multi polarized to 7dbi rubber duck : www.zero13wireless.netTested model is : MP 5 OMNI 5dBi CHP
Dimensions of the 17dbi model :
Here a tread whit all the dimensions and tests, also home build versions of 17dbi antenna :
Here You can find a test between 12dbi MP and 14 Yagi in the forest :
MP 12dbi The same as 17dbi version only shorter
Pictures of 12dbi version
Pictures of Bullet Omni 3dbi (2.4/5.X GHz) and Omni 5dbi (2.4/5.X GHz)
In the net there was also some pdf pathent files one is here : click

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